Creative thinking is quickly becoming our most valuable asset.

CreativityGames is here to encourage and enable you to push the boundaries of your creative ability.

We provide fun games, challenges and resources to develop your creativity,  tools to bring out the best in you and a community to let it flourish.



What we believe

At CreativityGames.net we strongly believe that:

  1. Creative thinking is going to be the source of dramatic positive change in the near future.
  2. Everyone has the opportunity to take a leading role and be a part of this revolution.
  3. You can improve your creative thinking,  have a lot of fun doing so and contribute more than you imagine.

This has us excited.  Join us on this revolution and change the world,  one creative idea at a time.

Get involved,  spread the word and develop your creative thinking.


How to benefit from Creativity Games

Here's the plan :

  1. Play our weekly Creativity game - they are fun and challenge you to think in different ways from what you are used to.  In playing these you are directly flexing your creative muscle. 
    Released every Monday to get you into gear for the week.
  2. Check out our weekly Creative Thinking Resources - they will open your mind to many different topics,  views and ideas.  A key ingredient to creativity. 
    Released every Wednesday to stimulate your mind.
  3. Take on our weekly Creativity challenge - incorporate creativity directly into your life with these practical challenges. 
    Released every Friday for you to tackle over the weekend.
  4. Use our Random Word Generator to create more games to play for yourself or your team.  As part of your daily routine to get your creative juices flowing.  As part of your brainstorming sessions.
    Or just use it to inspire new ideas.

So,  keep coming back,  get involved and see your creative ability soar!


Spread Creativity

Don't just confine our material to yourself.  It's more fun when you share:

  • Join in the conversations and share your ideas and thoughts with other creative geniuses.
  • Tell your friends about the site.  Play the games and challenges as a group.
  • Educators and Leaders – Integrate the games into your classes and meetings as a fun way to inspire creative thinking.



Well if you're here and reading this I can only assume that,  like me,  you are interested in how far you can push your creative ability.

My name is Ryan Chadwick and I've always been interested in how and why people do things and how they can do them better and this took me down the path of creative thinking several years ago.  I've been teaching IT for over a decade now and have been putting a lot of effort into how I can make my students better problem solvers (which I believe to be the true essence of IT).  I soon realised that creative thinking was the key ingredient.

After several years of enjoying great success in developing my students creative ability I came to the conclusion that everyone can benefit from these skills,  not just my IT students.

This website is an evolving resource to spread and develop creative thinking based on my ongoing experiences.  Join us and lets have some fun and create a better world for all.



If you feel like giving us a holla you can do so at:

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We'd love to hear from you if:

  • you have a great story you would like to share
  • you want our help on a project to develop and/ or spread creativity (Can't guarantee we'll help but we'll try out best)
  • you have ideas or suggestions for improvements on the site
  • you have spotted a problem or inconsistency on the site
  • you just want to have a friendly chat