Be Creative: Brainstorming Sessions

Tuesday, 26 July 2011   |   Be Creative

I have used our Creativity Games to help the entrepreneurs societies at UTS and UNSW be creative.  The sessions involved a series of games designed to help the group get into a creative mindset.  Following this we ran through a series of activities to brainstorm potential new business ideas.  Overall they were quite fun and the groups enjoyed them.  Using our games at the beginning of a session is a quick and fun way to wake people up and get them in an open and creative mindset, ready to be creative for the rest of the meeting.

If you want your teams to be more creative you can easily integrate our word games into your meetings too.  You can use either our word generator or idea generator (whichever you prefer) to bring up sets of random words on the screen.

As well as the games you can also create other activities using these words more focused on your particular task.  For instance if you were brainstorming ideas for a marketing plan for your new product you could try the following:

  • Introduce a random word then use it in an idea for a marketing the product.  Repeat several times and see what inspiration you get.
  • Perform the previous activity but each new word must add to the previous idea.
  • Take each word and describe a new way in which your product could be used.
  • Take each word and describe how it relates to a value your product offers.
  • etc

Random words are great for brainstorming as they force you to take fresh approaches.  You don't know what the words will be so you can't plan.

Try using them in your upcoming meetings and see what affect they have.