Prediction vs Creation

Monday, 19 July 2010   |   Creative Thinking

Throughout the ages we have reveled in the idea of being able to predict the future.  To what extent however are we influencing the the future by doing so?  For example,  if I am an influential economist and I predict that houses in a certain area will be very expensive in a few years then many people will want to buy there to benefit from this.  As a result the price of houses there will increase along with demand.  As demand is high people will want to live there as it is seen as a desirable and prestigious location.  In predicting the future I have inadvertantly created it.  Similarly,  a sci-fi author will come up with ideas for technology.  People will later on try to come up with ways to create that technology and may succeed.

This prospect is exciting but at the same time dangerous.  To what extent do you believe this has an effect on our world?  Do you think it is an effect that should be used more for advantageous purposes?  Is it something for which there should be a job position and for which extremely creative people can influence our future?