Balance and Perfection in society

Wednesday, 23 February 2011   |   Creative Thinking

FistNo matter what happens in this tumultuous world of ours,  life goes on.  It invariably finds a way to adapt and stay in balance.  The human race is no different.  Yet we are still unable as a society to create a structure that is solid and maintainable.  The recent activity in Tunisia, Egypt,  Lybia and a growing number of other Arab states is proof that no matter how strong a government is,  it's people will keep it in balance (maybe not instantly but it will happen). 

This should be seen as a blessing.  Knowing this,  we can be sure that no human civilisation should endure ongoing mistreatment.

Could we be progressing to a situation where this could change however?  As we become more connected and reliant on technology (which the government controls,  as can be seen with the lockdown on internet in Egypt or the censorship in China).  As weapons become greater in range,  more accurate,  more destructive.  As we venture into space,  which will bring with it immense control in terms of living conditions.  Are we nearing the limits of mother natures ability to keep us in check?  Are we entering an era where the human race will be controlled by its leaders with no hope of overthrowing them if things turn ugly?


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