That's a Silly Idea. Or is it?

Wednesday, 09 November 2011   |   Creative Thinking

CrazyThat's so crazy it just might work.  How often have you had a thought along those lines.  Or was it more like this.  "That so crazy.  It's silly.  Ok, what else could we try."  We tend to dislike things that are different.  As far as ideas go,  those that fall into the crazy category also have a habit of being quite different.  But sometimes that's exactly what we need.  Completely different thinking that really shakes the boat.

If someone came to you and said

"I have this great idea for a computer game.  It involves creatures that live inside a ball and fight other creatures living in a ball with owners that tell them which move to use."

Would you think that was a brilliant idea?  I sure would have been skeptical.  Yet that is Pokemon for you and it has been a phenomenal success.  Estimates are that during it's peak time it was earning Nintendo more money in a year than the PS1 made Sony in it's entire lifetime.

Or what about this for an idea.  A games console without normal controllers.  Instead you have a wand that you can point at the screen and move around.  The Wii was another phenomenal success for Nintendo.  A rather large shift from the traditional console and many predicted it would be a complete flop.

This isn't to say that all crazy ideas will be a runaway success.  Most probably will not be.  Some have the potential to be but only if they are executed properly. 

Vision and Guts

What you need to develop are vision and guts.  The vision to see where an idea can lead and the guts to give it a try.  You never know where it might lead but you have to give it a go before you'll find out.


You're on your way to becoming a Highly Creative Person.