Explorers and producers

Monday, 28 June 2010   |   Creative Thinking

It is said that for the advancement of civilisation we need two types of people,  explorers and producers.  The explorers are the ones that want to seek what is currently outside our knowledge.  The producers are the farmers,  the service providers,  the manufacturers etc.  The explorers are unstable but are balanced by the producers which are stable.  The explorers could not do their task if it weren't for the resources that the producers provided and the producers could not provide the resources if it were not for the knowledge that the explorers gained.

eg.  The explorer wants to seek what is over the hill,  what is down the river,  what is across the ocean.  The producer then takes advantage of the new found resources to produce more,  which is then used to seek more and so on.

The explorer wants to experiment,  to create new things.  This is then used by the producer to be more efficient and create more output and so on.

The two have to exist in balance for society to work.  Too few explorers and we will not advance,  we will not adapt to our changing environment.  Too few producers and the explorers cannot be sustained.

So the question is:

What do you feel is the right balance between the two?

Do you think we currently need more explorers in our society?