5 W's 1 Lonely H and a Conglomeration of Creativity

Wednesday, 30 May 2012   |   Creative Thinking

Who What When Where WhyThe five W's and one lonely H.  6 Questions that allow you to form a better picture of what it is you are looking at.  Questions that may give us a deeper understanding of what we are trying to achieve.  Or that can encourage us to seek different perspectives.  They can get us closer to seeing the underlying principle of the matter.  6 Questions that are not used often enough to spur our creative thinking.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

It is common for us to consider some of these questions in our creative pursuits but often not all of them.  Unless we consider and examine all of them we are leaving parts of the problem at hand to our natural assumptions.  This is dangerous in creative thinking because it is often those very assumptions that are hiding the best opportunities.

Not only should we be answering these questions.  We should also be challenging them.  Don't just accpet an answer,  question it, break it, flip it, reverse it.  Find out if it really has to be like that.  If the answer is no then you may have opened the door to a better way.  If the answer is yes then you will have a deeper understanding, and that understanding will help in other areas.

Your Opinion

Which of these questions do you think is the most valuable, provide reasons?

Which of these questions is the hardest to answer?

Which of these questions is the most fun?

Which of these questions often leads you to the most new perspectives?

Which of these questions starts the most productive discussions?

Share your opinions below and let's get a healthy discussion going.


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