Wednesday, 19 December 2012   |   Creative Thinking

BarrierIt is not uncommon today to hear people talk about efficiency.  Times are tough, etc, etc.  Improving efficiency is seen as a means to make limited resources go further.  As is often the case,  this particular course of action is not necessarily going to lead to the desired outcome.  The world is a massively complex place, largely unknown, constantly changing in unpredictable ways, for mostly unknown reasons in a twisted and interconnected mess of different interrelationships.  What we actually should be seeking is simplicity.

Efficiency sounds good in theory but what it actually leads to is rigid and fragile systems.  Not exactly what you want in turbulent times.

What we should be seeking is simplicity. 

Both of these seek to strip non essential stuff out of the system but they go about it in different ways.  Efficiency largely seeks to maintain the current system and make it lean.  Simplicity seeks to redefine the system (and potentially the desired outcome) whilst still maintaining the flexibility and redundancy.  In doing so, the system is more readily able to react and adjust to changes in the environment.

Efficiency is the easy path.  It is essentially an exercise in ruthlessly ripping out stuff that you believe you don't need (and typically finding out later that some of those things you do in fact need).  It will help you in the short term but harm you in the long term.

Simplicity is the harder path.  It is a serious exercise in creative thinking.  It requires time and guts but will lead to a better system overall that can grow into the future and handle whatever is thrown at it.  It will slow you down in the short term but reward you greatly in the long term.

So, which path are you going to take?


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