Making the Path

Wednesday, 06 February 2013   |   Creative Thinking

UnicycleFor the last few months I have been trying to learn a particular trick on my unicycle.  I reckon I was about 80% there but just couldn't get that last little bit.  I kept persisting though, figuring I was quite close and more practice would get me there.  Then a friend saw me trying and suggested I move one of my feet up slightly.  I thought to myself, what difference could that make, but I tried it anyways.  Lo and behold, I got the trick within a few goes.  This has sparked me on an interesting train of thought.

Sometimes when the current path is not working, you have to get off it and make your own.

It's a common belief that if you practice something enough, you'll master it.  Sometimes you need a bit more than that.  You need to be practicing but practicing in the right way.  Sometimes it can be hard to spot if your practice or method is innefective.  1st person perspective makes it harder to spot and it is not uncommon for us to be stubborn with these things.  Plus, the way we are currently doing it is familiar to us,  if we change we most likely have to leave our comfort zone, or admit that the way we have been trying for so long was wrong.  Both of which are not easy to accept.

When you get stuck you should start by asking others for adivce if you can.  And be willing to give all suggestions a go.  Just moving my foot a little higher seemed silly to me, how could that possibly make a difference, but it did have a huge difference.  Also take a step back and think creatively about how you could change things.  Can you break it down and focus on individual aspects of what you are trying to do?  Can you create artificial scenarios that allow you to simulate ideal outcomes?  Can you identify what it specifically is that is holding you back and work off that?

If you have had any similar experiences or have anything else you'd like to share, feel free to join in below.


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