Say it Out Aloud

Wednesday, 01 May 2013   |   Creative Thinking

PresenterThe essence of creativity is perspective.  A different perspective sheds a whole new light on the matter, introducing new ideas.  Anything we can do to help us gain new perspectives then is great for encouraging creative thinking.  So here's an easy way to start getting some new perspectives.  Not saying it is guaranteed to lead to great new ideas but it's a good place to start.  It all has to do with the different ways in which our minds can process information.

Have you ever had to give a speech?  If you have,  then like many others, you possibly decided to write your speech out then practice reading it.  If you have done this,  did you notice that it looked great on paper but when you read it it just didn't seem right?  Or let's go back a step.  You have ideas about what you wish to say in your speech.  It all seems to be there in your mind but you just can't get it out of your mind down onto paper?

Ideas are universal but expression will be influenced by the delivery method.

I find that writing my idea down on paper is easy.  Often times I'll draw my idea as well and I find that that helps to clarify the essence and also uncover previously hidden aspects of it. 

Recently I've discovered the power of saying my idea out aloud.

Now the important thing here is that it must be out aloud.  You may be tempted to just say it in your mind but that will not work.  Try it.  Think of an idea you are currently comtemplating.  Say your thoughts in your mind.  Now say them out aloud.  (doesn't have to be to someone else, it works just as well out aloud to just yourself)  You will probably find that the way you said it in your mind is different to how it came out when you had to speak it.  Or maybe it was the same but it felt awkward (if this was the case then resay it till it sounds right).  I often find that new ideas will pop into my mind as I'm saying it.  I'll also get a better idea on if it is a good or bad idea and why.  Do it now.  You will be surprised.

This is my take on what is happening,  it possibly isn't correct so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

My understanding is that the the information gets into or out of our mind but the delivery method affects how it is processed before getting there.  Think of an apple.  You can eat it in many ways.  You could just bite directly into it.  You could put it through a blender, then eat it with a spoon.  You could cut it into small bite size chunks.  You could stew it. etc.  Each of these approaches involves you eating an apple but the experience will be different for each one. 

To me, it seems that the aural part of our brain is quite different to other parts in how it processes and changes information and ideas.  By speaking ideas out aloud we send them through a different part of our mind and end up with a different perspective.

So what methods do you use for gaining different perspectives on your ideas?


You're on your way to becoming a Highly Creative Person.