Creative Writing Prompts

The random word generator may be used as an effective creative writing prompt system.

Try some of the writing prompts below to spur your creative writing:

  • Grab one random word then write 50 words about it.
  • Same as above but you may not mention the word that came up.
  • Same as above but with more than one word.  The more words you take as your prompt the harder it will be but the more creative the result.
  • Grab 4 random words.  The first word has to be in the title. The second will define the plot.  The third is something about the main character. The fourth is something to do with a twist in the plot.
  • Grab 2 random words.  Explain why one is an argument for your topic and the other is an argument against.

Feel free to modify any of these prompts to suit your requirements.


  • Write quickly.  Write the first thing that comes to mind once the writing prompt is generated, then expand on that.  If you wait and think about it for a bit you will generally just find a way to twist it back into what you would have done normally anyway.
  • Use whatever words you get as your prompt.  Resist the urge to just hit refresh until you get a set you like.
  • Sometimes it is good to repeat the same writing prompt several times.  Use a set of words, then refresh the words and have another go.
  • Creative writing, like most things, get's better with time.  Create a schedule so that you use the writing prompts as a warmup before doing serious writing.
  • Have fun!  The more out there and wacky the better.  That's where the really great ideas come from.