Abstract Paper Art - Original Origami

Friday, 30 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Art is great.  Creating it is even better.  It is relaxing,  fun and stimulates creativity.

This week we are going to make some original origami, an abstract piece of art using just a sheet of paper.  I want you to take a piece of paper then make four folds in it.  That is all you are allowed to do in terms of modifying the piece of paper.  Think outside the box.  Is your art going to be 2d or 3d?  Is it going to sit by itself or be incorporated into something else?  Here are some ideas to ponder:

  • You could make use of shadows
  • Is the artwork incorporated into something else?
  • Does the artwork evoke different emotions when viewed or placed at different angles?
  • Can it be functional as well as artistic?
  • White paper or coloured paper
  • Compare your end result with someone elses.
  • What if you fold and then unfold to create a crease?
  • How important are the proportions created by the folds (you may want to consider the golden ratio or the rule of thirds)
  • Does your piece or origami represent something?

The aim of this exercise is to realise that with such a simple resource we have nearly unlimited potential.  To a creative person your choices are never limited.

This is an activity you can do whenever you have a few minutes to spare and have access to a piece of paper.  Leave your origami art in hotel lobbies,  in doctors waiting rooms etc.  Why not leave a few pieces of paper in your waiting room and invite clients etc to create while they are waiting?