Fighter Pilot Training

Friday, 03 June 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

Fighter jetThis weeks challenge is simple.  Simple to do,  harder to master.

The challenge involves your reaction time.  You can improve it if you can learn to let your subconscious take over.  This is a skill we need to become better at if we want to be more creative.  Our subconscious is great at creative thinking,  we need to learn to let it free however.

Your challenge is to play the following game for a few minutes every day.

( )

If you can beat 18 s you're doing awesome.  Beat 21 s and you've beat us. Beat 2 minutes and you're getting to fighter pilot level.

(If what we read is true,  this game,  or a similar version to it,  is used as part of testing for fighter pilot training and they are expected to last at least 2 minutes.)

As usual,  be creative.  What strategies can you use to improve your game?  Is a trackpad better than a mouse?

Leave us a comment and let us know how you go.


Remember to check back next Friday when our next Creativity Challenge will be released.

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