A Creative Social Experiment

Friday, 05 August 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

Social ExperimentWe humans are a very complex bunch.  Our minds work in all manner of weird and wonderful ways.  Much of which we don't fully understand yet.  We are constantly coming up with new ways to observe and better understand ourselves.  Identifying these behaviors is quite a creative endeavor.  Crafting experiments to validate our assumptions requires just as much creativity.

Your challenge this week is to think of a simple social experiment you can conduct.  Then go out and conduct it.

(Use common sense.  Don't do anything silly or dangerous)

First off you'll need to decide on what it is you'd like to observe.  Think about aspects of human behavior that you find odd or that you would like to see if you could modify in some way. 

Then think about how you could test this.  The best experiments tend to be the simple ones.  You may need to tweak your experiment several times before you get an effective result or discover exactly what it is that's causing the specific behavior. 

Here are a few examples of experiments that others have conducted:

  • If a bunch of people start doing something,  others will follow.  This experiment involved getting a few people to point at nothing in the sky.  Others soon came and joined in and it escalated.
  • In this video Dan Airiely looks at some simple experiments that illustrate our decision making process.

Now go out there and have fun.  And if you come up with anything funky, leave us a comment and tell us about it.


Remember to check back next Friday when our next Creativity Challenge will be released.

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