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Friday, 30 September 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

StopwatchThis weeks challenge is simple and quick.  A fun way to get the ball rolling and get some creativity happening.  Normally you can't force creative ideas.  You can however encourage them.  The aim of this weeks challenge is to get your mind to work quickly.  When we do this we tend to forget about all the barriers that normally get in the way of our thinking and it starts to happen more freely.  Read on to see what you're going to do.

Before you start you'll need to think about what topic you want to come up with creative ideas for.  Also,  grab yourself a pen and paper or open up a text editor.


1.  Open up the following timer.

The timer is set to give you five 5 minute sessions with a warning at 1 minute to go.

2. Open up our idea generator in another tab or window.

3. Launch the timer.

4. Generate a set of random words and images in the generator and play about with them.  See where your mind wonders.

5. When the 1 minute left warning sounds you have 1 minute to write down any ideas you have.

6. When the bell sounds hit Refresh All (icon in the top right) and grab yourself a fresh set of random words and images.

7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until the time is up.


Have fun!!


Remember to check back next Friday when our next Creativity Challenge will be released.

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