That's Just How I Roll

Friday, 04 November 2011   |   Creativity Challenges

UnicycleWant to be more creative?  Why not start by having a bit more fun.  When it's just a bit of silly, harmless fun,  there are no deadlines,  no implications, no KPI's to worry about.  This frees you up to just go with the flow and see where it takes you.  You never know what ideas may stem from this.  So this weeks challenge challenges you to get out of your comfort zone in a harmless way..

Your challenge this week is to have a bit of fun.  Atleast once every day for the next week you need to proclaim the following:

<Insert statement here>,  that's just how I roll.

Have fun with it.  You're statement could be something completely silly.  It could be an insightful observation.  It could be tongue in cheek satire.  You could be very witty.

See how it lightens the atmosphere.  People will be more at ease and you will be more able to come up with creative ideas.  Once the momentum gets going you're on a roll.

Seek out other ways to inject a little fun and you're on your way to creating an environment ideal to creativity flourishing.


Remember to check back next Friday when our next Creativity Challenge will be released.

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