10 Patterns You've Never Seen Before

Friday, 04 May 2012   |   Creativity Challenges

SwirlPatterns are all around us.  They are a fundamental characteristic of the universe and there is a great deal of advantage in being able to discover and observe them.  As such, this weeks challenge centers around building our ability to observe the interesting patterns that surround us but that we do not see.  Doing so will be a great boost in your journey to become a highly creative person.

Your challenge this week is to discover a pattern in each of the following 10 areas:

You must find a pattern:

  • in your own routines
  • in someone elses routine (could be a friend or relative or workmate)
  • in your garden or a local park, etc,  it could be the way a plant grows or such
  • on the outside of a building
  • on the inside of a building
  • in the naming of streets or roads somewhere near you (Google Maps could be useful here)
  • in a piece of music (doesn't have to be man made, could be a bird singing for instance)
  • in the layout of shops at your local shopping center (or the layout of isles in the supermarket)
  • of something somewhere on the internet
  • in another area completely different to the above

Don't just look for the obvious patterns that you already are aware of.  Search for really interesting patterns that you , and possibly others, have never noticed before.

A good way to keep track of your progress would be to create a list.

Have fun, and if you discover anything really funky,  be sure to leave a comment below and share it.


I sense creativity in you.  Use it to it's fullest.