How to move a ring with your mind

Thursday, 09 September 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Today we're going to prove just how powerful your mind is when you focus.

Most people underestimate just what they are capable of.  Certain events can bring out your true potential however.  It could be that you get superhuman strength and prevent someone being mugged.  Or it could be the ability to move a ring with nothing but thought.

For this activity we'll need some string and a ring.  If you don't have these you can substitute other items in their place such as cotton or a washer.

Step 1. Tie the ring to the string so that there is about 20 - 25 cm hanging off the ring.

Step 2. Place your elbow on a table and hold the ring with your fingers so that the ring is a few centimeters from the table.

Step 3. Use your other hand to steady the ring.  Once it is steady,  release it so that the ring is just dangling there,  not moving.

Now the magic begins.

Step 4. Focus on the ring and imagine it swinging away from and towards you.  See it moving.  After a minute or two you will notice that the ring starts moving.  Remember to keep your hand still.

Some of you at this point may be thinking,  "Oh,  it's just my breathing that is causing that."  Let's try something to challenge that assumption.

Step 5. Imagine the ring moving from side to side instead.  A minute or two later you should have the ring swinging the other way.  Remember to keep your hand steady.

This is a very simple exercise and it almost seems silly.  I encourage you to try it however as you have to experience it to properly understand what is going on.

Your minds ability to create what it desires is very powerful.  More so than most people realise.  Even though you are trying to keep your hand steady your mind is focused on getting the ring to move.  And it will do just that through tiny imperceptible vibrations in your hand.  When you let it,  your mind often gets what it wants.

Now change your thoughts to problems you want to solve and solutions you want to create.  Know that you have the ability to be more creative than you ever imagined and set your mind free to achieve greatness.

(Tip:  This is a great exercise to use in classes or teams.  It is a simple and effective way to demonstrate that people are often themselves their own greatest limiting factor.)