Hasty Hieroglyphs

Friday, 14 September 2012   |   Creativity Challenges

Hasty HeiroglyphsThey say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well what if several pictures were worth a single word and involved a barrel of creative thinking?  That's what this weeks challenge seeks to do and it is a great way to explore your creativity.  The thing about pictures is that there are many words you could use to describe them and we are going to use that to our advantage this week in a game that will really get you thinking. So let's dive in and play Hasty Hieroglyphs.

Your challenge this week is to play Hasty Hieroglyphs.  The rules are as follows:

To play this game you will use our Idea Generator to generate sets of images to work with.

The aim is to pick a word by some means, then to generate random images using the idea generator and line them up such that the first letter of the name for each image spells our the word.  So for instance you may get the word cat. You then start generating images and come across a cup.  You place that image first for the C. Then you generator more images until you come up with a tree which you place at the end to represent the T. Finally you get an Anchor and you place that in the middle for the A.  Sometimes you can be creative however as an image could have several names.  For instance if you needed an P then the tree could be used and it's name was Pine.  Alternatively, the cup could be a Mug if you needed an M.  See below.

Hasty Heiroglyph Example

Setting up the other rules are up to you and you have a lot of room to be flexible here.  For instance you could:

  • Play solo - generate a random word first which becomes the target word.  Then generate images until you can spell out the word.  Aim to have to throw away as few images as possible.
  • Play with someone else - The first person picks a topic.  The second person picks a word from that topic and starts working on the images.
  • Adaptive - Same as above but you generate 20 images, then you have to try and create a word using choosing only from those images (this one is good for pushing your creativity)
  • Teams - Same as above but with a team of people trying to guess the word.
  • Over email - create your image then take a screen shot and email it to your opponent to guess.  They then fire one back at you.
  • Play live - Everyone watches while you work with the Idea Generator and make guesses as you go.
  • Timed - Maybe you use a timer and people have a set time limit to create their word.
  • Blog mode - create your hieroglyphs then take a screen shot and post it to your blog.  Get others to leave comments guessing what the word is.
  • etc

If you come up with some good rules, feel free to share them and leave a comment below.

This game can work particularly well in a class on a smart board or projector.  It also can be a good warm up for a meeting to liven up the participants.  Feel free to explore different set ups and adapt the game to suit your needs.

And most of all, have fun. 


I sense creativity in you.  Use it to it's fullest.