Rearrange your furniture

Friday, 09 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

This weeks Creativity Challenge:

Move a piece of furniture in your home or office to somewhere new.  Don't just move it for the sake of moving it however.  Try and move something so that it improves your life.  Be creative.  The bigger the piece of furniture the better.  Or if you're feeling adventurous ,  why not rearrange an entire room.

Physical and creative exercise in one!  What could be better.


The reasoning behind this creativity challenge is to break you out of your patterns.  We very easily fall into habits and feel safe in what is common.  For creativity to flourish however we need to break out of this.  A good way to achieve this is to change your surrounding environment.  You may feel hesitant at first but if you do then that is a good thing.  It means you're breaking your comfort zone and this is definitely something we want to be doing.


And remember to come back next week for your next creativity challenge.