Hasty Hieroglyphs - Computer Component

Friday, 14 March 2014   |   Creativity Challenges

Hasty Hieroglyphs ComputerThis week we have another hasty hieroglyph.  A slightly easier challenge this time.

This week it's something you would find on a computer.

Each image leads to a letter of the hidden word.

You'll have to think creatively in order to decipher it.

Why not challenge your friends.

See who can figure it out first.

Have fun!


Your challenge this week is to see if you can decipher the hasty hieroglyph above. 

The hidden word is something you would find on a computer.

Now this hieroglyph is cryptic so you will have to be creative in what words you believe the images represent. 

If you think you've figured it out, leave a comment below stating what you think the hidden word is and what you believe each image represents.

For those of you that haven't figured it out yet.  Don't scroll down till you think you have an answer or you are really stuck.

If you want to,  you can also create your own hasty hieroglyphs using our Idea Generator.  See our previous article on Hasty Hieroglyphs to find out more and other ways you can play.


I sense creativity in you.  Use it to it's fullest.