A week of Entrepreneurialism

Friday, 03 December 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Innovation and EntrepreneurshipWouldn't it be great to be an entrepreneur?  Creating innovative new products and services to change the world,  leave your mark and make millions in the process.  Entrepreneurs have to be very creative.  Creative in what they're going to do.  Creative in how they are going to do it.  Creative in how they are going to fund their activities.  etc.

Your challenge this week is to spend half an hour each day thinking like an entrepreneur.  Every day you are to come up with an innovative idea for a new product or service.  Think about what problems you have encountered today,  what tasks you had to do that you wish were easier,  what you think would be really cool.  Observe the people around you and try to understand their desires and wants to try and uncover some killer opportunities.  Ask a variety of questions such as:

  • Does it have to be that way?
  • What if we did it the opposite way?
  • What is the underlying need or principle at play here?
  • If I had to halve the complexity what could I remove or reorganise?
  • Who could potential new users be?

If you're stuck for ideas,  why not grab some random words from our random word generator and see if they give you any inspiration.

Have fun.  Remember,  anything's possible when you're an entrepreneur.  Don't worry about the little details,  you can work them out later.

If you have any particularly good ideas why not share them below.  Or,  if you're particularly excited about the idea,  take the plunge and start a business.


Remember to check back next Friday when our next Creativity Challenge will be released.

Success through Creative Thinking