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Put your creative thinking into practice with these fun activities.  Come back regularly.  A new creativity challenge is released every Friday.

Promote Creativity with Chalk

Friday, 03 September 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Research suggests that if you're in a good mood you're more open to new ideas.  That means if you want to stimulate creative thinking,  being happy helps.

A good way to achieve this is by helping others.  Let's help others and be creative in the process,  a double whammy.

Grab some chalk and create a motivational message on the footpath (or sidewalk depending on where you're from).  Think of what message would be motivating for passers by,  and how you could craft it to attract the most attention.


Yes or No

Friday, 27 August 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

For this challenge you need a partner so grab a friend and get ready.

You are about to have a debate however you are limited only to the words Yes and No.  One of you may only say yes and the other no.  The idea is that you have to convince the other of your point of view.  As you only have one word you can use,  think of other ways you can get your message across.  You will have to use expression,  emotion and hand gestures.


Mind Challenging Gestalt Art

Friday, 20 August 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

The aim of this challenge is to create a piece of art that challenges the mind in visually pleasing ways. It is believed that we have preferences in how our minds see things.  Gestalt theories of perception try to understand some of these.  You can find out more about these here.  V. S. Ramachandran has attempted to define a set of rules or laws that art follows.  You can read more here but a summary is below.


Sign Language Opens the Mind

Friday, 13 August 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Your creativity challenge for this week is to invent a sign language.  Create a set of 20 words or concepts that you think are the most crucial for a language and assign a gesture to each of them.  Grab a friend and teach them the 20 gestures.  Now try and have a conversation using only your sign language.  Whenever you need to use a new word you need to make it up and work out how to communicate the new gesture.



Visualising Information

Friday, 06 August 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Have you ever thought about how you see and store information in your mind?  Research suggests that we have developed certain strategies to do this.  These strategies have also influenced other areas such as our language.  The way we refer to first, second and third is different to every other number which ends in a th,  eg fourth, seventh,  ninth.  One, two and three are important items to us and many believe it is because we can visualise those numbers easily but it gets harder after that.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition which alters the way we perceive information.  You start seeing numbers with a strong association to colours and shapes.  Neurologist V.S. Ramachandran has an informative talk on the subject and ends with a demonstration on how we all have synesthesia to a certain degree.  You can also find a simple test here.  Higher than normal synesthesia has been linked to savants and highly creative people.  What is amazing is that researchers believe they are finding ways to train us to be more synesthetic.  What this potentially means is that we may all someday be able to develop superhuman mental capabilities.



Abstract Paper Art - Original Origami

Friday, 30 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

Art is great.  Creating it is even better.  It is relaxing,  fun and stimulates creativity.

This week we are going to make some original origami, an abstract piece of art using just a sheet of paper.  I want you to take a piece of paper then make four folds in it.  That is all you are allowed to do in terms of modifying the piece of paper.  Think outside the box.  Is your art going to be 2d or 3d?  Is it going to sit by itself or be incorporated into something else?  Here are some ideas to ponder:


Use a new word

Monday, 19 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

This weeks Creativity Challenge:

To be creative you have to have courage.  Being creative often involves being different and being different makes you stand out.  This week we have two steps.

Step 1

Create a new word.  It can be anything you like and it can mean anything you like.


Different Angles

Monday, 12 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

This weeks Creativity Challenge:

To be creative you have to learn to look at things differently.  New ideas come from different perspectives.  Grab your camera (or borrow one from a friend) and pick a topic.  The topic can be anything but pick something you like or enjoy (eg,  your pet,  or your car or some sports equipment from your favourite sport).  I would like you to take five photographs from interesting angles.  Try and pick angles that are not ordinary.  Try and pick shots that bring out a particular emotion.  Rotate the camera,  shoot from above,  from below,  from very near or very far.  Be creative!

You may have to take several shots and try various different angles before you find the five that you like.  Take your time,  there is no rush.  If you get some good shots you may like to print and frame them too.


Rearrange your furniture

Friday, 09 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

This weeks Creativity Challenge:

Move a piece of furniture in your home or office to somewhere new.  Don't just move it for the sake of moving it however.  Try and move something so that it improves your life.  Be creative.  The bigger the piece of furniture the better.  Or if you're feeling adventurous ,  why not rearrange an entire room.

Physical and creative exercise in one!  What could be better.


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