Putting it in perspective

Monday, 14 February 2011   |   Creativity Games

RulerThis week we're creating comparisons.

Game: There are 3 words listed below.  Use one, or possibly more of them to create a new unit of measure.  You can use the item directly or some characteristic of the item or indirectly as inspiration.

  • star
  • hose-pipe
  • traffic lights

Challenge: For extra challenge,  try and be as humorous or abstract as possible.

Strategy:  The strategy here is to identify aspects of the items above that could be useful as comparisons to other objects,  but in a generic fashion.  See if you can be innovative in how you use some of these in discussions.  They may lead to you viewing something in a different light.  This is turn will allow you to be more creative in ideas you get from the discussion.  At the very least they will add some entertainment to the discussion and fun is always good for putting us in a creative mindset.


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