Creative Anagrams

Monday, 09 August 2010   |   Creativity Games

This week we are playing with spacial creativity.  There are four words listed below.  Pick one of them as the target.  Now,  using the letters from the other three (you don't have to use all the letters) come up with as many words as possible that relate to the target word.  When you get stuck pick another word as the target and go again.

  • saliva
  • meadow
  • jump
  • tiger


This game is a challenge as we are pushing ourselves in two different directions.  We have to evaluate what letters are available to us while at the same time considering what words may relate to our target word.

Tip:  If you enjoyed this game then why now use our Generator to make more sets of words to challenge yourself (or your class)with.  Challenge your friends and see who can come up with the longest list.