The Game of Creation

Monday, 11 July 2011   |   Creativity Games

SpannerThis week we're building.

Game: There are 4 random words listed below.  Pick one of them as the item to be produced.  You now have to show how the other 3 could be used to produce the first one you picked.  Other items can be incorporated as well.

  • bee
  • wallet
  • guitar
  • mobile phone

Challenge: For extra challenge you must use only the items listed.

Strategy:  This is a simple game to force you to think of different ways in which items can be used.  It doesn't have to be feasible but it could be the inspiration for other ideas that turn out to be awesome.  The item you are trying to make doesn't have to be exact.  For instance instead of making an actual bee it could be a stylised representation of a bee.  Be creative and have fun.


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