It doesn't make sense

Monday, 03 October 2011   |   Creativity Games

ChoiceThis week we're talking gibberish.

Game:  Below you will find 3 random words.  Your aim is to use any two of them to create a statement that is grammatically correct but actually makes no sense at all.

  • mess
  • cheat
  • cabin

Challenge: For extra challenge use all three of the random words.

Strategy:  Language is second nature to us.  We use it all the time, every day, without even thinking about it.  This is a perfect example of our mind on auto-pilot.  And where ever we see that we see a perfect opportunity to explore creativity by breaking it.  See how hard it is to create a good sentence for this game.  Your auto-pilot is very hard to turn off when it comes to language.  The more you can detect when you are on auto-pilot when doing something,  and the better you become at turning it off, the better you will become at exploiting creative opportunity.


Get creative, join in below.