Random Fictionary

Monday, 10 October 2011   |   Creativity Games

DictionaryThis week we're defining.

Game:  There are 3 random words below.  Pick one of them as your target.  You must now create a fictitious definition of the target based on one of the other words.  Try and make the definition as plausible as possible but it doesn't have to be related to its normal meaning.

  • ladder
  • shampoo
  • medal

Challenge:  For extra challenge the definition must be based on both of the other words.

Strategy: This is a simple game that encourages you to find connections between words in unusual ways.  Trying to come up with a new meaning that makes sense involves having to think about varaious aspects of the word which are not it's meaning and tying them into the other words.  For instance you could tie into how the word sounds or words inside the actual word etc.  There are many angles you can take when you look at it creatively.


Get creative, join in below.