In Half

Sunday, 16 October 2011   |   Creativity Games

HalfThis week we're dividing.

Game:  There are 5 random words listed below.  Your aim is to divide them in half.  Think about all the different ways you could achieve this.  As always, remember to be creative. (Read the strategy section below for an example that might give you some inspiration.)

  • fact
  • kiss
  • spine
  • pear
  • poker

Challenge:  There is no extra challenge for this week.

Strategy:  This game would be easier if there were an even number of words.  Alas, there is not.  Straight out of the gate we have caused tension by asking you to do something that cannot be achieved in the usual manner.  Sometimes when you want to force people to be creative it helps to modify the situation so as to remove the obvious approaches.  Sometimes you can achieve this by rephrasing the question (which is also a good approach) but it is often effective to create tension by adding or modifying a parameter.  For example we could ask you to think of as many ways as possible to divide 13 in half.  Some solutions may be:

  • 6.5
  • Thir and teen
  • 1 and 3

Most people however will mention the first option and you will find it hard to get them past that.  It is the obvious solution and as such it is hard for them to see alternatives.  If you suggest another way then they get the gist and can normally work out a few others.

We can encourage creativity however by creating a scenario where there isn't an immediate obvious solution to jump at.  What if we changed the question slightly and instead asked: "How would you divide 3.33 in half?"  I think you will find that peoples approaches will change straight away.


Get creative, join in below.