What's the word? II

Monday, 20 February 2012   |   Creativity Games

CluesThis week we're interpolating.

Game:  There are 5 random words below.  They all relate to a sixth word.  Your aim is to guess what that word may be.  Don't forget to explain your reasoning as well.

  • athletics
  • crumbs
  • froc
  • cane
  • trailer

Challenge:  For extra challenge reply to someone elses guess suggesting another word which would also fit given their reasoning.

Strategy: This is an example of a game with many correct answers.  In finding a word that all these random words relate to you have to play about with relationships and perspectives.  These are two important skills in creative thinking.  Almost any word can be the answer as long as you can create a valid reason.  Opportunity is the ability to create something from seemingly nothing and is a great use of creative thinking.


Get creative, join in below.