Reverse Cryptic Crossword

Monday, 27 February 2012   |   Creativity Games

Cryptic CrosswordThis week we're being cryptic.

Game:  There are 6 random words below.  Your aim is to come up with a cryptic clue for one of them (similar to what you would find in a cryptic crossword).  See below for more on what a cryptic clue may be.

  • fair
  • planet
  • leather
  • mess
  • guilt
  • powder

Challenge:  For extra challenge try and deconstruct the cryptic clue of someone else and guess which word it is.

Strategy: Cryptic clues are a great example of hidden perspective.  If you read the clue literally you get an answer that is not what you are looking for.  You need to find another angle to interpret the clue in order to work out what it really means.  Read here for more info on how they typically work.  Similarly, creating the clues also invovles some fairly creative thinking.  Have fun and see how you go.  You may need a bit of practice before you get the hang of it.


Get creative, join in below.