Deliberate Chinese Whispers

Sunday, 29 August 2010   |   Creativity Games

This week is a group journey.  Let's see where our creative thinking takes us.

Game:  There are two words below.  These are the beginning of the journey.  When you add a comment,  pick a word that is somewhere in between the words suggested (this can be on any basis you like) in the two previous comments. Also explain why you picked that word.  The two words listed below are to be used to get this started.

  • crash
  • cupboard


Challenge:  Try and pick words that are not obvious.  We are keen to see how far we can go on the journey and how far we can push our creative thinking.

Strategy:  What we are doing here is working as a group to explore.  Everyone's contribution will affect future contributions.  Further to this,  people are not able to plan ahead so they cannot get stuck into preconceived paths.  What we should find is that the discussion will go off on unpredictable tangents very quickly.  You may be quite surprised by some of the ideas people contribute as well.  This can be particularly useful for problem solving.

(Tip:  If you found this game useful then why not generate more sets of words to play with in our generator.  Use them by yourself,  in your classes or with your team.

If you found this useful you should share it amongst your friends.  The more replies we get the merrier.)