Follow the Leader

Monday, 16 April 2012   |   Creativity Games

Natural LeaderThis week we're assigning.

Game:  There are 6 random words below.  Your task is to imagine they are human (ie, each of them is actually a personification of that word) and decide which one out of the group would make the best leader.  Make sure you explain why.

  • chair
  • formula
  • kidney
  • vase
  • coal
  • evening

Challenge:  For extra challenge give your selected leader a name as well.  The name should hint at the word the character represents. You can also reply to someone elses post suggesting which other word may take another role in the group (eg, vice captain, intelligence officer, treasurer, secretary, etc).  Feel free to make up completely fictional roles if you wish too.

Strategy: This is a simple activity that involves two steps of creative thinking.  First we have to transform the given list of items into imaginary people that we think would be representations of them.  Quite a bit of creativity involved there.  Then we have to think about how this fictional group would function and how their personalitites would play out, trying to figure out which of them would be the best or most natural leader.  You can have a bit of fun with this.  For instance you could decide to draw a caricature for each word or write a paragraph explaining what they are like in order to better understand them.  Maybe you could describe some of the theoretical interactions between the characters. 

Trying to think of words, or aspects of a problem or project as people is a fun way to generate some new perspectives that can lead to interesting new creative thinking.


I sense creativity in you.  Join in below and let it flourish.