Creative Rap Lyrics

Monday, 30 April 2012   |   Creativity Games

MicrophoneThis week we're rapping.

Game:  There are 3 random words below.  Rap artists are the masters of figurative language and this game involves being like them.  Think of a metaphor or simile involving one of these words and express it in lyrical form.

  • mess
  • file
  • code

Challenge:  For extra challenge continue the lyrics of someone elses comment.

Strategy: This is a fun way to play with different perspectives.  The more interesting the perspective, the more interesting the lyrics appear.  Being able to join differing ideas is a great way to stimulate creative thinking.

A fun twist on this is something called Freestyle Rap.  The idea is that you have to make up the lyrics and sing them on the spot.  Having to think on your toes like this can be very entertaining and induce some surprising ideas.  Give it a try and see how you go.


Get creative, join in below.