Zombie Survival Guide

Monday, 09 July 2012   |   Creativity Games

ZombiesThis week we're surviving (again).

Game:  There are 5 random words below.  How would you use these items to your advantage in a zombie outbreak?  You don't have to use them altogether, your idea could use just one or a few of them.  You can also use them in conjunction with other items.

  • paper bag
  • crutch
  • shorts
  • chocolate
  • puppet

Challenge:  There is no challenge this week.

Strategy: The thing about situations like this is that we can think about them in great detail and yet if it actually ever happend it would probably be entirely different to how we imagined it.  Some experiences are like this,  they are very hard to imagine.  That doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun to think about what we would do, even though it is highly unlikely that zombies would run loose on this planet of ours.  (That didn't stop the CDC from putting some thought into it however.)

This can be a good way to spur some creative thinking.  Place yourself in a totally different scenario and come up with ideas for it.  Then see if any of them are of any use to you for your current challenge or project.


I sense creativity in you.  Join in below and let it flourish.