Follow Words Sentence

Monday, 04 June 2012   |   Creativity Games

ChainThis week we're following on.

Game:  There are 3 random words below.  Use at least two of them in a sentence where each word follows on from the previous (ie the first letter of each word is the same as the last letter of the previous word and so on).  The first word of your statement must follow on from the last word of the previous comment.

  • pin
  • hinge
  • elastic

Challenge:  For extra challenge make your statement also make sense in relation to the previous statement.

Strategy: This is an example of having to create something interesting whilst following an unusual restriction.  One that you would not normally have to work within.  This forces you out of your normal routine and forces you to really have to think.  This game sounds simple but can be harder than you think. 

Have fun.


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