First Contact

Monday, 27 August 2012   |   Creativity Games

Social ExperimentThis week we're talking with aliens.

Game:  There are 3 random words below.  An alien ship has just landed in a park near you.  You wonder down to take a look and an alien has appeared.  They are holding two of the items listed below and they say one word which is the remaining word of the words below.  Which of the two words are items they are holding and what could the intention of this interaction be?

  • chips
  • belt
  • rudder

Challenge:  For extra challenge reply to someone elses idea explaining how you may verify the idea they have proposed.

Strategy: The thing about most interactions we have on a daily basis is that they are normal and we have our usual ways of responding to them.  Auto pilot kicks in.  It is hard to be really creative because our mind wants to do what it is used to.  We are creatures of habit and we largely can't help that.  So to spice things up a little, sometimes it helps to put ourselves in a situation in which we don't have any past experiences to draw upon.  Because this scenario is completely fictional it also gives you the freedom to be as wild and funky as you like.  There are no incorrect answers and because the scenario will most likely never occur it doesn't matter what you come up with.  So dive in and have fun.


Get creative, join in below.