Indirect Association

Monday, 24 September 2012   |   Creativity Games

ChainThis week we're associating.

Game:  There is 1 random word below. It is the starting word.  Your aim is to reply to the person before you coming up with a word that is indirectly associated with that word. (see below for what we mean by this.)  Make sure you state what the association is too.

  • cactus

Challenge:  There is no extra challenge this week.

Strategy: A direct association or relationship is something that is obvious.  For instance we could say that the word stress has a direct association with the word exam.  An indirect association is a bit more subtle,  we have to think about it to see the relationship.  For instance we could say that the word wheel is indirectly associated with exam.  The outcome of an exam, good or bad tends to set things in motion.

Direct relationships are typically the strongest but it is the indirect ones that often present opportunities for creative thinking.  Have fun and see just how indirect you can get.


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