The Prisoners Vocabulary Dilemma

Monday, 01 October 2012   |   Creativity Games

Ball and ChainThis week we're pleading.

Game:  There are 4 random words below.  You (and everyone else who leaves a comment) have been caught trying to rob a casino.  To work out who get's what punishment everyone is asked to select one of the words below.  Leave a comment with which word you choose.  You can add other remarks as well if you like.

  • tower
  • guilty
  • banana
  • innocent

Challenge:  There is no challenge this week.

Strategy: Ok,  here are the rules.

  • The winning word is the one that the least number of people choose.  Whoever selects this word gets out of jail in 6 months.
  • The first person to select the word with the leas number gets to go free straight away.  The second person goes free after 1 month, the third after 2 months.
  • Everyone else gets 5 years jail.
  • The winning word and people will be selected after 25 comments have been made.

So, you'll have to be creative in your strategy.  Do you go in early and hope for the best?  Or hold back and possibly risk being too late? 

Do the words affect whether people will choose them or not?  What could you add to your comment to try and influence what others will pick?

This is a slight twist on the classic Prisoners Dilemma which demonstrates human psychology and is commonly used in game theory.


Winning Word : TBA

Set Free : TBA

1 Month : TBA

2 Months : TBA

3 Months : TBA

4 Months : TBA

5 Months : TBA


Get creative, join in below.