Random Hypotheticals

Monday, 08 April 2013   |   Creativity Games

PonderThis week we're hypothesising.

Game:  There are 5 random words below.  Use one of them as the basis for the most interesting hypothetical question you can based upon something being different or not existing.  Start your question with "Imagine what the world would be like if..."

  • tortoise
  • sedative
  • fin
  • spy
  • artillery

Challenge:  For extra challenge reply to someone elses hypothetical question with your ideas on how the world may be different.  There will be obvious and direct impacts but it can be more fun to try and think of far reaching ones too.

Strategy: This is a good little exercise to stimulate creativity on two fronts.  It gives you practice coming up with interesting questions to ask and also allows your mind to wander in terms of how things actually affect the world.  Experimenting with the interractions and relationships between things is a great source of creative inspiration.


Get creative, join in below.