The Important Word in the Middle

Monday, 27 September 2010   |   Creativity Games

This week we're forming connections and breaking connections.

Game:  There are three words listed below.  Your first task is to pick one of the words to be the joiner.  Now you must pick a theme for which you can join this word to one of the other words but not the third one.

  • error
  • paddock
  • ceiling

Challenge:  For extra challenge,  follow it up with a theme that works the other way,  ie the joiner connects and disconnects with the opposite words.  For extra extra challenge,  do this with all three words as the joiner.

Strategy:  We have played before with making connections and also making disconnection.  Trying to pick a theme that does both simultaneously however is a bit harder.  This is a useful skill to practice as you often need to create solutions to fit a certain set of conflicting characteristics. 


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