Random Remote Associates

Monday, 29 April 2013   |   Creativity Games

TriptychThis week we're associating.

Game:  There are 3 random words below.  Your aim is to pick one word which can be added before or after each of these words to add interesting meaning to each of them.  They don't have to be actual words, just be as creative as possible. (see below for further explanation)

  • microscope
  • energy
  • section

Challenge:  For extra challenge add a sentence after each new word or word pair explaining what it is.

Strategy: A simple test which is often undertaken to guage a persons mental ability is called a RAT (Remote Associates test) test.  The test involves giving you a set of 3 words.  You then have to identify a fourth word that can be prepended or appended to each of them to create new actual words.  Sometimes it is a two word combination, sometimes it is just one word (the words are joined).  For example I could give you the words:

  • up
  • book
  • charge

One word that could be glued to each of them is cover, which creates:

  • cover up
  • book cover
  • cover charge

Now for the test these words are chosen in order to have a specific answer (though the creative person may come up with others).  In our game the words have been chosen completely at random so there won't be a specific intended answer.  The aim is to be as creative as we can and try to pick a word that gives us the most interesting combinations (they don't have to be actual everyday real combinations though).  This can be an interesting activity leading into new ideas.  Often you will come up with a word that fits one of the words well,  maybe two of them but the third one is a bit of a stretch.  Try iterating over this several times.  Pick that third word and use it as inspiration to pick a new word.  Then pick the most awkard combination and start again.  After several iteration you'll probably find you've gone through quite a few ideas  that you would not have normally come up with.  Have fun with it and see where it takes you.


Get creative, join in below.