The Choice

Monday, 06 May 2013   |   Creativity Games

ChoiceThis week we're choosing.

Game:  There are 5 random words below.  You are walking down the street and a man approaches you.  He says "Here are 5 words, it is imperative that you pick one of them, now!".  You ask him why and all he will reply with is "You must select one."  Which word will you choose?

  • university
  • end
  • court
  • kiosk
  • game

Challenge:  For extra challenge come up with the most creative reason you can as to why he is asking this question.

Strategy: Choice is an interesting thing.  Many people struggle with making a choice, especially for something that is important.  It is believed that we actually make decisions quite quickly.  It is justifying our choice that can be hard and we don't feel comfortable unless we have a valid justification for our choice.  Think about the above activity.  Was there a word that stood out for you?  Even though you have no idea what you are even choosing the word for?  Were you impacted by what others had chosen for their word?  How do you feel this impacts your creativity?


Get creative, join in below.