Book Ends Game

Monday, 17 June 2013   |   Creativity Games

book endsThis week we're joining words.

Game:  There is a random word below.  Create a word pair (2 words) which make sense and for which the first letter of the first word and the last letter of the second word are the same (ie these are the book ends).  They must relate to the random word below.

  • thunder

Challenge:  For extra challenge the book ends must be a letter from the inspiration word.

Strategy:  Trying to pick two words that make sense together and which meet the given criteria involves a way of thinking about words which we normally don't do.  How do you approach this?  Do you pick a first word,  then think of second words that might fit?  Do you think of a theme first and then find words to fit?  etc.  You can be creative not only in your answers but also in your approach to finding the answers.  This particular game is as much about you discovering how you explore as it is the answers you come up with.  Have fun.  You never know,  you may have thoughts along the way that are useful to you in other areas.


Get Creative, Give it a go!