Cockney Shenanigans

Monday, 08 July 2013   |   Creativity Games

CollaborationThis week we're going out with a bang! (talking rhyming slang)

Game:  There are 5 random words listed below.  Your aim is to use one of them to come up with a rhyming slang for another word or phrase.  You can use more than one of the words if you like.  Try and make your rhyming slang related to the word it is representing in some way, the more interesting and creative the better.

  • tray
  • sunrise
  • piano
  • lunatic
  • race

Challenge:  For extra challenge, try and guess what others are referring to with their rhyming.

Strategy: Rhyming slang or Cockney can be quite fun.  You can easily create cryptic and creative new words for things.  Effectively creating your own language that only you and a few others really understand.  Trying to talk using it can be a bit of a challenge mentally, both as the speaker and the listener.  You can find out more about the history of Rhyming slang here.  Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Apples and pears - stairs
  • brass tacks - facts
  • Adam and Eve - believe
  • Plates of meat - feet
  • Trouble and strife - wife

Looking for inspiration?  You can find a lot more to go at here.


Get creative, join in below.