Rolling Improvement

Monday, 22 July 2013   |   Creativity Games

ChoiceThis week we're innovating.

Game:  There is 1 random word below.  It is the starting word.  Your aim is to suggest an improvement upon this item and building upon the improvements of previous commenters.  It must be a creative improvement.  That is, it cannot be obvious.

  • flowerpot

Challenge:  There is no challenge this week.

Strategy: This is a simple game of seeking to use things, or join things in creative ways to create new benefits.  It is something that highly creative people do naturally but which we mere mortals could probably do with some help in turning this approach to thinking into a habit.  In this game we are building upon each other for inspiration.  Hopefully the improvements will get larger and wackier as we progress.  Have fun.


Get creative, join in below.