Question the Question

Monday, 02 September 2013   |   Creativity Games

Curiosity and Creative ThinkingThis week we're learning to be inquisitive.

Game: There is one word listed below.  The first post must pose a question for which this word would be a possible answer.  Every other post must be a question that would lead on from the previous question. (This is fairly open,  any way you can tie it in is good.)

  • pocket watch


Challenge: For extra challenge,   generate another random word from our random word generator and include that in your question.

Strategy:  Part of being creative is learning to ask questions,  to be curious.  This is where many opportunities are discovered.  For many of us though it is not natural.  There is much we take for granted and as such see no need to question.  Get in the habit of questioning anything and everything.  There are always possibilities to improve no matter how good it currently is.


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