A Creative Brainstorm

Monday, 22 November 2010   |   Creativity Games

This week we're out to make the world better.

Game:  There are three words below.  Pick an everyday item that you use often.  It could be your bike,  or a torch,  or a spoon.  Now you are going to use the three words to be innovative.  Use one of the words as inspiration for a new use for the item.  Use another as inspiration for a new feature.  Use the final word as inspiration for a way to make the item simpler.

  • recipe
  • refugee
  • belt

Challenge:  For extra challenge,  pick a fourth word from our random word generator and combine your item with this word to make a completely new product.  Explain what it is.

Strategy:  When we have to be innovative our tendency is to go down paths that are similar to us and only make minor tweaks.  To be truly innovative however often requires us to be courageous and to go in completely different directions.  This is hard for us to do normally so the random words are an ideal way to give us a kickstart. 


Remember to come back next Monday for our next Creativity Game.

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