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The Shrinking Dictionary

Monday, 12 July 2010   |   Creativity Games

Consultants have deemed that life is too complicated.  It is having adverse health effects and something needs to be done immediately.  Everything must be simplified and our language is on the list.  The two words below have been considered for complete removal from the English language.  One of them must go.  It will be banned from use immediately.  Which one would you choose to stay and why?

  • Butcher
  • Mustard

Different Angles

Monday, 12 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

This weeks Creativity Challenge:

To be creative you have to learn to look at things differently.  New ideas come from different perspectives.  Grab your camera (or borrow one from a friend) and pick a topic.  The topic can be anything but pick something you like or enjoy (eg,  your pet,  or your car or some sports equipment from your favourite sport).  I would like you to take five photographs from interesting angles.  Try and pick angles that are not ordinary.  Try and pick shots that bring out a particular emotion.  Rotate the camera,  shoot from above,  from below,  from very near or very far.  Be creative!

You may have to take several shots and try various different angles before you find the five that you like.  Take your time,  there is no rush.  If you get some good shots you may like to print and frame them too.


Rearrange your furniture

Friday, 09 July 2010   |   Creativity Challenges

This weeks Creativity Challenge:

Move a piece of furniture in your home or office to somewhere new.  Don't just move it for the sake of moving it however.  Try and move something so that it improves your life.  Be creative.  The bigger the piece of furniture the better.  Or if you're feeling adventurous ,  why not rearrange an entire room.

Physical and creative exercise in one!  What could be better.


Living in Space

Monday, 05 July 2010   |   Creative Thinking

In the not too distant future it is conceivable that we will have colonies living in space.  This is very exciting but at the same time presents some interesting problems.  One in particular is that of control.  Who will own the colonies and how will they be managed considering that these may very well be put in space by corporations and not by governments?  Will they be free to make their own rules and laws,  and enforce them as they see fit?  What about protection?  Our history if fraught with invasions and wars.  Will space colonies face similar threats?


Odd one Out

Monday, 05 July 2010   |   Creativity Games

There are four words below.  Your task is to pick the odd one out.  How many different ways can you pick the odd one out?

  • Wallet
  • Planet
  • Picnic
  • Foam

Explorers and producers

Monday, 28 June 2010   |   Creative Thinking

It is said that for the advancement of civilisation we need two types of people,  explorers and producers.  The explorers are the ones that want to seek what is currently outside our knowledge.  The producers are the farmers,  the service providers,  the manufacturers etc.  The explorers are unstable but are balanced by the producers which are stable.  The explorers could not do their task if it weren't for the resources that the producers provided and the producers could not provide the resources if it were not for the knowledge that the explorers gained.



Monday, 28 June 2010   |   Creativity Games

There are five words below.  Pick the two which most closely match in your opinion.  Explain as many relationships as possible between them. 

You must mention at least 3 relationships.

  • pumpkin
  • court
  • tusk
  • mite
  • diving board

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