Random Word Generator

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Click a button above to generate a set of random words.

Use the random word generator to generate between 1 and 8 random words. Use the idea visualisation features to inspire creative thinking.

Join the growing number of people using this awesome tool to :

  • Brainstorm (use the words as stimulus for ideas)
  • Play creativity games similar to those you'll find in our Games Section
  • Cure for writer's block
  • Creative writing prompts
  • Play Pictionary and other word based games
  • Anything else you can think of ...

Give it a try. The random word generator works by forcing your mind out of it's normal routine and off onto tangents it otherwise would not have ventured.

We're keen to make the Random Word Generator as good as it can possibly be so if you have any ideas or feedback we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us at wordgenerator at creativitygames dot net

Have fun !

(The games are based on Edward de Bono's book "How to Have Creative Ideas".)

Click and drag to move a word.
Double click on a word to refresh it.